Justice Adrian Fisher’s ruling on the matter between Alfred Peter Conteh and erstwhile president Ernest Bai Koroma led Executive could affect the party following delays to gazette the procedures and rules for theconduct of lower level election in the main opposition All people’s congress (APC)

According to the learned justice ruling with regards timetable to the unfolding events, the interim Transitional Governing Committee( should conclude all lower level elections in the first week of Nuly, 2022.

But the notice from the Political Party Registration Commission,( PPRC) dated 16th June 2022.

June 2022 revealed that the official submission for Publication on the Government Noticee.” Rules of Procedure and Regulations for the conduct of lower level Elecrions of the All People’s Congress(APC) Party” to the Government Printing Department.

The notice from PPRC further invited objections from the general public for a period of thirty(30) working days commencing from the date of publication.

Up to press time, there was a notice from the Government Printing Department stating the specific dayte of the publicatio Since the election rules have been forwarded to all Possible Objections would go beyond August.
According to a stalwart in the APC ” it is virtually impossible for the interim committee to work within the stipulated time for the court which would expire in August”

The Stalwart concluded that Justice Fisher’s ruling could be floutedb if the interim committee fails to request for an extension of time with the tangible, reasons advanced to the court before hand.

The notice frombthe Both the Political Parties Registration