When the Chief Executive Officer for the VIP Trading Company distributed bags of rice to each member of the Sierra Leone Police, there were jubilation among beneficiaries across the country, coupled with media publications after they had gone for months without rice supply.

But the million dollar question Central Base Journalists Sierra Leone (CBJSL) is asking, did the police officers received supply of rice for the month of October.

CBJSL also discovered that not all police officers that received the trumpeted six bags of rice given to all officers.

“Even at the Central Police Division, not all police officers received the complete six bags each”.

Many police officers are not happy with the current Contractor, Mr. Ahmed Yashim aka VIP, for printing his face on front pages of newspapers with the statement that all police officers received six bags each.

According to some disgruntled officers, many policemen who attached in police stations in the West part of Freetown received six bags each, while many police officers in Central and Eastern part of Freetown received less than three to four bags each.

Some police officers suggested that a new contractor be employed to stabilize the issue of police rice supply if VIP Trading Company continues failing to do the needful.

Our police officers are always under harsh weather condition to ensure the protection of lives and property, but unfortunately, they are always tempted to involve into corrupt practices because they are not regularly receiving their monthly rations. How can our police officers take good care of themselves and family members when responsible authorities are not seeking their welfare.

CBJSL also discovered that the Contractor, VIP Trading Company still owed many police officers bags of rice which they are still not able to supply.

We are appealing to the no nonsense Inspector General of Police, William Faya Sellu to put smile on the hungry faces of the police officers by ensuring that all their remaining bags of rice are given to them within the shortest possible time to enable them perform their functions without fear or favor as mandated by law.