Sierra Leonean dancehall artist, Rap Gee, has shed light on the recent fallout with his fellow artist, Boss La.

In an interview, Rap Gee showed respect for Boss LAJ, acknowledging him as a mentor. However, he explained that after being invited by LAJ to collaborate on a song, he had a change of heart regarding the project’s direction.

“When I told him that I don’t want my verse on the song, he insulted my father and blocked me,” Rap Gee revealed.

According to Rap Gee, his decision to pull out of the song came after meeting the first lady, Fatima Bio. Upon this interaction, he discerned that the song’s narrative about her and others was misleading. This led to his withdrawal from the project.

Despite these disagreements, Rap Gee expressed that he requested Boss La not to release the song with his vocals included. However, this request was denied.

Even with the strain in their relationship, Rap Gee emphasized his continued admiration for Boss La, referring to him as his mentor. He also publicly appealed for the government to release Boss La from incarceration.