Sierra Leonean Legendary musician Prince Kuti George, popularly known as Innocent Kuti during an interview on Sarah Kallay’s spill it shows has disclosed that he doesn’t have the urge to do a political song now and he intends to be a lawyer and will be getting to Law school very soon.

Innocent Kuti also disclosed that he has just graduated in Audio Technology at a UK university.

The talented legendary hit marker said he has been in music for over 20 years now, disclosing that he started his music career at the Door Christian fellowship church.

Innocent also disclosed that he was a drawing artist before music and that his talent for putting words together to make music comes from the talent of drawing.

Innocent said he burst into fame after teaming up with Decent, with whom he formed the group Innocent and Decent, and after the release of their first Album titled ‘Igwe’ which was a massive hit during that time. He said the Igwe song created the avenue for him to discover that he can do more in the music industry.

Innocent Kuti further that back in sierra Leone music was passing around fast because the music was not assessable everywhere and in some areas, people will only be able to listen to music on the radio or during shows. And this makes the demand for music to be high back then. He said

Innocent on not doing too many shows said he is more relaxed now because with technology now one can get money from other avenues with your music. And stating that organising a show involves too much pressure.

He also said he loves living in the eastern part because to him the eastern part is not just a place but a way of life.

My talent was given to me by God and can only be taken from me by God, every year I make sure I release something that connects with people and I don’t rely on being already known. Innocent states

On his recent song ‘Holy’ innocent said the song holy is part of his journey to be recognised in the world, as he is doing songs not only for Sierra Leone but also to gain global recognition.

About plans to do another political song, innocent responded that he doesn’t have any plans for such yet, as it’s an urge he normally gets to do a political song, disclosing that he does not have that urge yet, as he is focused on making music for the world.

He ends by stating that the industry needs support, such as providing scholarship for sound Engineers, as most of the country’s sound Engineers gets their learning from youtube, and they are still doing great adding that if they get first-hand education in sound engineering they will do more than what they are already doing.