On day four of the Housemates Salone Reality TV show, Julie Tombo had a serious palaver in the house with Patricia Rose Tucker that went to the extent of both parties loosing their temper and insulting each other. These actions by both parties have created a doubtful gap in the minds of voters and fans of them.

Following to this misbehavior in house, the management of Julie Tombo has on yesterday 26th May 2022 issued out a caution message to fans not to heed to these blogings cycling the web.

According to the Management, their prime focus for now should be voting and ignore any distractions to Julie Tombo. “Please don’t pay attention to any bloggers or anyone else..” the manager stated.

The Housemates Salone season 3 is a yagba game and going into the house means you are up for the game. Could the misbehavior of both Patricia Rose Tucker and Julie Tombo part of the housemates yagba game? We are yet to confirm this whether is part of the or just a total misbehavior.

The management in its concluding statement called the attention of all fans and supporters to keep focusing and continue with the peace they are known for. “Ar lek dem kos wi say wi favorite girl gets 10 pikin na in wi want,” the management reassured the fans with regards to the insults the contestant has been receiving, the stigma and all. The voting should always be our hubby as it is through the votes that will determine whether she stays or leaves the house in weeks to come.