Dr. John Idexamahai one of Sierra Leone’s popular whistleblower has called on the minister of Basic Education Dr. David Sengeh to release the over one thousand WASSCE results withheld by WAEC due to failure to pay their exam fees

In his report, he claims the minister said the affected schools are not government-owned nor government-assisted and they will not benefit from the free education project.

“WAEC has refused to release the WASSCE results of 41 schools. Dr. David Sengeh said these affected schools are neither government-owned nor government-assisted schools; and, as such, they will not benefit from the Free (Without Quality) Education project of President Bio”.

He went further to state that the records disagreed with the minister because the free education project speaks about inclusive education.

“Fortunately, the record disagrees with Dr. David Sengeh.
Dr. David Sengeh what is happening? So you do not believe in this bold idea called “inclusive education”? If the answer is no, why did you encourage President Bio to read from your script at the UN in New York? You wrote the speech on education and encouraged President Bio read it out at the UN (during the education sessions), true or false?”

He called on the minister to pay the exam fees to WAEC and asked why the minister is saying there is no money when 21 percent of the government budget is allocated to education.

“Pay the exam fees to WAEC! By the way, as the unofficial PRO of WAEC, you should also release the results of these 41 affected schools. We’re waiting for the press conference.

There is no money? Really? President Bio said he is investing 21-plus percent of our National Budget (every year) in the free (without quality) education project. So money shouldn’t be your problem”.