SIERRA LEONE, Makeni – Award Winning and promising Sierra Leone music star, Benjamin Menelik George who’s otherwise known as “Drizilik’ has guaranteed followers of his music and others that his ‘very first Ashobi World Tour Concert Tour in Sierra Leone will be in Makeni City Plaza on October 29,”. The musician, who cancelled his much triumphed London Concert over disagreement with the show organizers, a few weeks ago, has asked residents in Makeni to “go down low” as his Makeni concert scheduled to hold later this month.

In his famous writing style in his national local parlance “Krio”, the famous music maker from Sierra Leone said that he wants to see his fans and thus wants them to show up at his upcoming event to see them in their Ashobi likewise, as he explicitly wrote: “Kam see mi bo, cuz ah wan see you! Ashobi”

On the ground in the North-Eastern Regional City of Makeni, the show organizers, Noble Dad and fans of Drizilik Makeni as well as other showbiz are corroborating with the multi-faceted soloist on the mass publicity move for the event.

Unique in his gig, singing style and entrepreneurial drive Drizilik’s upcoming live musical concert on October, 29 will undoubtedly be a sold out event owing to the reality of how loved he is by the people of Makeni who last turned up in larger numbers a few years ago at the same venue where the musician did host his “Shukubly’ performance.