The Economic Community Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) formed by the Seventeen (17) West African States to intervene on the Civil War that break out in Liberia, Monrovia in 1989 by it’s Rebel Leader, Charles Gangay Taylor that ended up in Sierra Leone on March 23rd, 1990 by Coporal Foday Saybana Sankoh of the Rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) that destroyed the Lives of thousands of its Compatriots was brought to an abrupt halt by ECOMOG FORCES.

However, if News going round the Country specifically the Capital, Freetown of ECOMOG Forces coming back to Sierra Leone to monitor and swiftly intervene Militarily of any eventuality by desperate Politicians of the Ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) and the Main Opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) Party to capture State House at all cost is anything to go by, Kudos to the planners, executors and the general populace of Sierra Leoneans as a welcome News and a sign of relief of mindset.

For a couple of Months now that the 24th June 2023 Multi-tier Elections is fast approaching the Door steps to vote and be voted for, a lot of Hue and cry and Foul play has been going on by desperate and evil minded Politicians sacrificing fellow human being to their GODS for power.

What if the Campaign Date is announced and just a Month and Half now to the Elections, what will happen is everyone’s guess. ECOMOG coming will be most welcome and celebrated again just to save the innocent and Armless Civilians who has no means of Defending themselves from the Cross Firing except by this Almighty Allah/God given ECOMOG that will surely put a stop to any Rubbish or attempted Violence by thwarting the Democracy or creating problems by the Barrel of Guns.

Meanwhile, the visit of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU) Elections Monitoring Officials or observers to Sierra Leone was a very good venture or Proactive moves to under study or get first hand information as a Facts finding mission and an Eye witness account for possible actions based on strategy to counter any diabolical plans by Politicians of both PARTIES which now resulted to the arrival of ECOMOG Forces deployment together with the International Communities Observers is fully endorsed by all Patriotic Citizens except for the Myopic and disgruntled narrow thinking headed bunch of criminal Politicians. ECOMOG WELCOME!!