The Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) has announced a planned power outage due to the annual maintenance of the Bumbuna Hydro Electric Power Dam.

The outage will last for eight days, from May 5th to May 12th, 2023, and will affect the supply chain, especially for residents in Makeni and Magburaka.

During the maintenance activity, the contractor “We build” and the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company (EGTC) will shut down the Hydro Plant in order to carry out maintenance on various components of the Dam. This will help to prepare the Dam for effective operation during the rains and prolong its lifespan.

To mitigate the impact of the outage, the Authority, under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy, will bring into operation the Perkins Diesel Generator for the provision of at least eight hours of supply daily to Makeni and Magburaka. Freetown will continue to get supply from the Karpowership and Wartsilla engines at Blackhall Road to cover the gap created by the Bumbuna maintenance activity.

While the Authority regrets the inconvenience this situation may cause, particularly in Makeni and Magburaka, it assures affected residents of a stable, reliable, and sustainable electricity supply upon completion of the maintenance activity.