Opposition leader, Dr. Samura Kamara, has delivered a resolute message to members of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) regarding the importance of upholding peace in the country, stating, “Elections are not a do-or-die race.”

Elections, he emphasizes, have no connection with thuggery and intimidation for transparent and accountable politicians, but rather a fierce competition for those tainted by the blood of the innocent.

The APC presidential candidate further asserts that elections spell unprecedented violence for politicians with skeletons in their closets and nothing substantial to offer their constituents.

Kamara conveyed his message during a press briefing held last Tuesday at the APC headquarters in Freetown. He consistently underscores that elections are about mutual respect, prioritizing the nation, and serving the people’s best interests.

What the nation needs now, more than ever before, is a servant President whose honesty, words and actions are synchronised with good governance,” he stressed.

Kamara further called on Sierra Leoneans to continue to deny legitimacy to an illegal government that seeks to create one-party rule in a country known for multi-party democracy.

You should not participate in any governance process at the moment until the right thing is done” Kamara urged Sierra Leoneans as he saw Konneh’s action as one tantamount to a coup.

I therefore reaffirm APC’s position as stated in the press release of 30th June, 2023,” he reiterated while commending elected parliamentarians, mayors, chairmen and councillors for snubbing the government of the embattled President Julius Maada Bio.

He urged APC supporters to be proud of their brothers and sisters in the diaspora whose energy and strength continue to hold them together to ensure that political in Sierra Leone wrongs are promptly corrected. Through massive demonstrations, Kamara went on, the diasporans had thrown light on the atrocious crimes of the Bio regime which has been isolated by the international community.

He also noted that going into the future, their individual and collective resilience, resistance and vigilance should make it difficult for rogue politicians to steal an election and enjoy a field day.

I call on the international community and all Sierra Leoneans to continue to do their part in ensuring that the country’s democracy is restored through building integrity into the elections management bodies, in particular, the Electoral Commission and the security apparatus,” he urged.