The US Embassy in Freetown has reportedly rejected visa applications from the Office of the Entertainment Ambassador, Amara Dennis Turay Jalloh popularly known as “Kao Denero”.

Reports indicate that Kao Denero through his office allegedly received an invitation from a USA company called, Detroit LLC for entertainers in Sierra Leone to attend this year’s Africas in America Educational Series, which is scheduled to start next month in Washington DC.

Reports further revealed that Amb Kao Denero allegedly submitted 13 names including his 6yrs old daughter and his younger brother Ahmad Turay as part of the delegation with a government service passport to attend the event in America. Other prominent names among them are Atical Foryoh and legendary Amie Kallon.

Reports further disclosed that Unfortunately, the United States Embassy in Sierra Leone refused to issue visas to all 13 names submitted for a reason best known to them.