National Supervisors Media Team for the 2021 Mid Term Population and Housing Census has expressed frustration over the refusal of the Statistics Sierra Leone to Pay Them the Remaining 70% of their Salary. 

According to them, the Statistics Sierra Leone for over two months now, have refused to pay them this 70 percent. 

The Field staffs then wrote a letter to the National coordinator of Statistics Sierra Leone threatening to take black demonstration throughout the country, starting from Friday, if they fail to bring out encouraging words to them in relation to the delay of payments.  

They requested that the National coordinator of Statistics Sierra Leone, treat the matter with seriousness if not he would have no one to blame. 

With that, they are calling on Sierra Leoneans to stay at home on Friday if urgent answers are not given to them. The Field staffs are also calling on the Sierra Leone police, Sierra Leone Arm Forces, National coordinator Statistics Sierra Leone, District coordinators and the Judiciary, to act with immediate effect on or before Friday. 

“We’re ready to die if urgent measures are not put in place for our 70 percent” they said.