If the adage is true that actions speak louder than voice, then former President Ernest Bai Koroma has already endorsed President Bio for his second term.

Clearly, Sierra Leoneans saw Ernest Bai Koroma basking in the glory of President Bio after our darling Leone Stars exceptional performance at the AFCON games. The grey hair nan was seen in the regalia of our Leone Stars briskly gallivanting on the streets-of Makeni with joy for the energy and tenacity President Bio has engineered in the Sierra Leone football games since he became President.

President Bio promised to rebrand Sierra Leone, and regain our respect at the international stage. It was no mistake that President Bio decided to resuscitate football in Sierra Leone.

The APC Chairman Ernest Koroma himself could not keep his praises and acceptance that President Bio is a visionary leader, poised to take Sierra Leone to another level. When APC Ernest Koroma promised to die for the young people of Sierra Leone, he meant to grind the future of the young people. Let’s reflect on the Youth Farm Justice Biobele visited in Sierra Leone, and the halting of football tournaments at our National Stadium. The Lions on the Mountain top of West Africa only roared again with an echo that has permeated the globe after President Bio cracked down the shackles of backwardness and stagnation.

Since President Bio took over power, he has injected serious capital in football, and the results are glaring. So much to the extent that Ernest Koroma could not hold his gut but to march on the streets of Makeni in jubilation for the successes of the Bio government. President Bio promised, and he has delivered. Indeed, the Tok and Do President Bio has always proven to be a true patriot, and a leader to rely on.

APC Ernest Bai Koroma and his group strangulated football in our country. Paradoxically, APC Chairman refers to himself as the Messi of the APC whose only concern is to loot the country, and permanently keep the young people in disarray. Sadly, the billions of Leones spent on the Limba Matorma and other Masquerades during the reign of APC Chairman Ernest Koroma would have transformed football in Sierra Leone, and made the lives of the young people better.

In the midsts of the Corona Virus pandemic, with so much frustration and confusion across the world, President Bio’s leadership was able to put smiles on the faces of the young people, and the nation as a whole. Sierra Leoneans witnessed absolute unity through the power of football. President Bio has reconciled the nation using football as a tool. He is a shrewd and astute leader that care about his people, determined to regain the lost glory of Sierra Leone. There were smiles on the faces of almost everybody in Sierra Leone after President Bio remote controlled the performance of Leone Stars at the AFCON games.