Though he may decide to step down as Chairman and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), former President Ernest Bai Koroma has pledged his support and determination to lead the party’s campaign in the forthcoming 2023 national elections.

Considered as a very popular politician, Ernest gave assurance recently in Makeni during meeting with some senior members of the party where he disclosed that he is poised to strategize for an APC win in 2023 against the incumbent SLPP.

He stated that despite calls by a cross section of members of the party for him to step down, his contribution to the success of the party in 2023 is immensely needed.

Ernest promised that he will work hand in gloves with the elected APC flagbearer in all chiefdoms, districts and regions to sell the concept and ideology of the party for national development.

Ernest advised all aspiring presidential candidates to stop the social media war and campaign on a level playing field; noting that victory for one is victory for all and the entire party.

According to The Exclusive Newspaper, he promised to make his final decision on the issue of continuing to provide leadership for the party, saying that such decision will be made after the party completes the Constitutional Review Process.

Meanwhile, Ernest has promised that with him as the APC campaign team lead, the number of votes for APC will increase in the 2023 elections.