Bo Rangers striker, Musa Noah Kamara popularly known as Musa and Hawa Tombo were blasted by prayerful fan who reacted on their TikTok video dated Sunday 3rd April 2022.

On Sunday 3rd April 2022, the Queen of social media, Hawa Tombo and the wedded wife of Musa Tombo were spotted TikToking in the presence of God in church. This actions of theirs sparked reactions of fans as majority thinks that the house of God is not meant for that purpose only for praises to the most High.

“She doesn’t go to church to praise God just to impress the public may God have mercy on you both inside church doing TikTok” a disappointed fan expressed her disappointment over their actions in Church on Sunday.

“My brother Musa you don’t know your calling by the time you realise it will be late for you, no wonder you don’t go this trip because all your focus is now on Hawa in church again TiTok you want people to see that you are in church but not God because you loss concentration see the way you dress your underhand ,chest all is exposed, praise and worship time is the time we we welcome the presence of God so please we all that you take Musa to church every Sunday, this is lent and also holy month of Ramadan know what you wear in church” a fan expressed his dismay.

Sierra Leoneans within and outside the country have looked at Hawa Tombo to be a distraction to Musa’s life and his career. Recently, the Bo Rangers and Leone stars striker was left out during the international friendly matches against Togo, Liberia and Congo Brazzaville, which fans were expecting to have shaped him a lot, but instead he was caught on a TikTok video with his wedded Wife, Hawa Tombo enjoying Love.

“Please let us all pray for Musu, you Remember Samson and Delilah in the Bible” Kai Davies added. In the story of Samson and the Delilah in the Bible, Samson was deceived by his wife Delilah which resulted to his death later.  According to Kai Davies, Musa Tombo needs prayers from Sierra Leoneans more than anything as they had gone to the extreme of TikToking in the presence of God when it is praise and worship time.