A registered company in Sierra Leone by the name of INTEGRATED TRADING SERVICES (SL) LIMITED, owned and operated by Mrs. Fatima Bio – the First Lady of Sierra Leone and wife of President Bio, has through dubious means, signed an agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone, granting sole right to the company for the management of shipping activities at the Sea Port in Freetown Water Quay.

Sierra Leone Telegraph reports that they have entered into this agreement, bypassing parliamentary ratification and there was no public bidding to the effect.

The Government of Sierra Leone is losing millions of dollars, and all revenue generated from the air, land, and seaport, is going to the personal account of Fatima Bio’s Integrated Trading Services (SL) Limited.

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This is daylight robbery, and the NRA are keeping tight lips on this development, while Sierra Leone as a nation is losing billions of Leones on revenue collection to the hands of a single individual and her family, and by extension – the president.

The ACC are also turning a blind eye on such grand corruption by the First Lady of Sierra Leone.

Such nepotistic activities and behaviours abridge the basic purpose of meritocracy, thereby leading to the destruction of morale that drives the process of running an effective governance in Sierra Leone.

This is typical of what is happening across our governance structures since Bio took power through the backdoor, reducing our governance structures to a dynasty system of government.

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This kind of act is shattering our constitutional framework and fundamental democratic politics, causing a lot of misery on ordinary people in the country.

As president Bio continues to make tribalism and nepotism fashionable in his government, such acts have led to the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of the Bio family, thus destroying the dream of inclusive growth of our nation.

Such level of corruptible act in our governance system violates the basic goal, ambition, and purpose of good governance, which is fuelling the gross exploitation of the masses and poverty.

And those who are charged with the responsibility of investigating this kind of daylight robbery, seem to care less about the ripple effects of such corrupt profiteering on the economy and people of Sierra Leone.

Source: The Sierra Leone Telegraph