Sierra Leone’s First Lady, Fatima Bio has shared an inspirational quote on social media about women’s success.

In her quote on Facebook, the First Lady revealed one of the worst challenges women are made to go through during their journey is achieving the success that they desire.

In her words, “Behind every successful woman is a lot of insults, which is not seen to many people. We only see her success but the insults she faced and won over is really the reason for why she is successful today.”

Her post sparked  reactions among netizens who took to the comments section to share their opinions about the quote.

@ Sylvia Blyden reacted:

“Perfectly stated my lady.🤗I see you were back at work today. Busy Bee🐝 workaholic you are. Love you so much. 💕Stay blessed.”

@Sarah Kallay commented:

“Definitely true 😈😈”

@Betty Vandy reacted:

“You are an inspiration to many of us ❤️🙏 Keep the good work mummy”

@ Hafiz commented:

“You are have a positive blue print in our society today,that will be always admired and remembered
Your inspiration will give us more like you.You are a true definition of a successful woman.”