The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Fatima Maada Bio has described efforts of her critics as wasted energy which will yield no positive results. The First Lady said this in a Facebook live video on Monday, January 18, 2021.

This comes just as the Wife of the President has faced heavy criticisms on social media over alleged use of the state funds to finance her activities without constitutional backing or Parliamentary approval.

Fatima also confirmed that office of The First Lady is under the office of the President and it is funded solely by the state. However, the funds are only used for campaigns like “Hands Off Our Girls” and is not spent personally.

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Excerpts from her live video reads;

“Just so our educated fools can learn something. This is the role of your First Lady. Even though she is not elected she is an official representative of the people of Sierra Leone at home and abroad. The office is an extension of state house. If you know the functions of your state house then you should know the First Lady is part and parcel of the presidency. The First Lady is responsible for all State Social events. Like “Hands Off Our Girls.

“I have always said I will not use my personal money for state functions if I want to use my money I will use it for charity wish I am proud to say I do with pleasure. The full interview I did in The Gambia is still on my page go and watch it don’t judge it from the 2seconds they are posting around to achieve their political goals.

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“I have no idea how much money is in any state accounts including the FL account. As far as I know what ever is there is to be used on state functions and state issues. Like me or not you know I don’t have access to state funds but your hatred for me is making you blind to see or say the truth. Attacking me to get Maada Bio’s attention is wasted energy, He doesn’t yield to blackmail.

“Until you bring proof that says state monies are been used on me personally or my family then you have nothing on me. Continue the hatred it makes me a better person. Sit tight and see what is in stock for you in 2021. Ya Go Betteh Mah. We Move with President Bio in charge. AR Noh Say that deh Pain you bad but nah God en will, so you don’t have a choice. Just like I remain the First Lady till God’s time.”, She said.