Justice Adrian Fisher has informed both the plaintiff and counsel representing the All Peoples Congress (APC) that he will soon deliver judgment on the contempt proceeding against the Interim Chairman of the party, Alfred Peter Conteh.

He said the date will be communicated to both parties, adding that he will ensure the ruling will be written as quickly as possible in the interest of justice and fairness.

Earlier in court, A. Sesay, representing the APC party, the third defendant, in his oral submission, stated that the contemnor flouted so many orders given by the court.

He submitted that the order of the court were very specific that, all documents must be submitted to the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), and that after the contempt application the plaintiff was still disobeying the court.

He said under the judgment, there were specific instructions what will be done by the 21 committee of the Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) of the party and within the time line.

He submitted that they were praying for either imprisonment or the levying of fine against the plaintiff, Alfred Peter Conteh.

He further submitted that, the plaintiff has continuously flouted the court order and prayed that, all decisions that were taken by the plaintiff contemnor be rescinded. Lawyer A. Sesay stated that, according to the composition of the committee, the plaintiff was given the powers to select nine of the members that will comprise of the twenty-one man committee that will serve in the IGTC.

Lawyer, J.M. Jengo, representing the plaintiff contemnor, submitted that the process by which the third defendant came in the matter was wrong and objected to the process by which they changed of solicitor.

He submitted that, the defendant should have consulted the Interim Chairman before filing a change of solicitor.

Lawyer Jengo also asked the judge for the third defendant’s lawyers to tell the court in what capacity were they acting in the matter because the affidavit of motion filed in court didn’t bear the signature of the Chairman or the Secretary of the committee.

Justice Fisher said the word simple majority was not used for any faction to take advantage of the decision and that simple majority cannot be determined by any number of the ITGC.

Lawyer Jengo has urged the court to discountenance the defendant’s application because they didn’t have the merit to stand in court.