Francis Ben Kaifala, following his re-appointment as Head Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission, addresses the people of Sierra Leone with words of praise for the President-Elect, Dr. Julius Maada Bio, regarding his decision to appoint him.

In a video he shared on his social media handle, he said he sends his thanks and appreciation to the people of Sierra Leone particularly His Excellency President Bio for reposing confidence in him.

Kaifala said no commissioner tenure has been renewed before after serving a full termwhich made him believe that he is the longest serving commissioner. He was very happy for the reneyal of his service and there by referring to it as a beautiful thing. He said they did a lot of success in the first term.

The ACC boss said the way they moved in the international index from 20 places in International Transparency Index and moving from 49% to 83% in the MCC score card of corruption and afro biometer confirming corruption reducing from 70% to 40% is not a miracle.

He said even President Bio commended him by saying he’s exceeded his expectation in the fight against corruption. He said the president said that they knew that he will do well but did not expect it will be this well.

Kaifala said not only him has done well but all of them. He said his fight has helped to change the image of Sierra Leone.

Addressing the challenges he’s faced he said, “challenges are bound to be there as everyone knows that fighting corruption in a country that has had a history of interne corruption culture is a tough thing. Firstly you have to battle with that, that mentality that corruption is normal, you are working towards moving that abnormality from the system and of cause you need resources, manpower which the government should give and they have a lot to do and they are not able to give everything. So we have challenges with that too.”

The ACC czar said he has had a number of successes in the fight against corruption. Firstly, he said is their public education drive has been extremely useful. He said even villages know something about corruption as they could tell you a thing or two about corruption.

He said public education has been amassing. He also said that prevention work has been also great in term of doing prevention mechanism for example corruption prevention assessment, corruption risk assessment in ministries, departments and agencies. He said they have reviewed a number of MDAs than ever before. In terms of enforcement he said they have done a number of investigations. He said they recovered three times in 5 years than what the ACC has recovered for the last 18 years of his existence.

in the end, he thanked President Bio and said he has showed that with commitment and energy they can change the story in Sierra Leone. he assured the people of Sierra Leone that if they continue giving him the support and standing behind them because corruption always fights back but if the people are behind them together they can change the story of Sierra Leone.