Sierra Leonean Musician, Fyn face has held a successful musical show recently at Hotel Mariam Aberdeen. Fyn Face title the said Musical Show as Dengeh and Pose Pool Party, and Tiktok Challenge.

After the show, Fyn face further blast for some big names in the music industry for not supporting him in the said show. Despite no support from some big Artist, the event was a glamorous and made so much money.

Fyn face pointed out that ”For those of u who are counting my money with your eyes saying things u don’t know ; after I posted just 40% of what made at the gate -let me sensitize u -first off, sponsors and huge patrons/ vips mostly don’t give cash they give u Cheques or send money to your account and I can’t go and cash out all my money made from show just to come and impress u with a video. NO WAY . Like I said I only posted that money to tell u my show was successful despite no support from some of these bad heart musicians/industry players .

The Artiste further posted on his Facebook book page cheques he allegedly paid to his bloggers, manager and Public Relations Officer.”

He throws a challenge that he can bet no Sierra Leone musician has never paid one blogger lE10,000,000 after a successful show even if it was a stadium parked event. He further emphasized that he employed them so they and their families can feed through the mission.

He concluded with his post that music is beyond talent and knowing the business is key. He assured the public that if we stop the hate and support each other Sierra Leone will be a better place.

There has mixed reactions amongst Sierra Leone whenever Fyn Face releases new songs. He enjoys support and sometimes faces  backlash from haters. However, the singer has been persistence as he considers Music as his  Professional career.