Speaking over 98.1 Democracy Radio on Wednesday, 29th September 2021, the Chairman and Leader of the National Grand Coalition, Dr. Dennis Bright accused the ruling SLPP Government of behaving like a cartel that is grabbing every important entity to use to its advantage.

He maintained that since the SLPP of President Bio came to power they have been busy making inroads into viable and credible public institutions like the ACC, the NRA, ASSL and several others all in a bid to get these institutions to do their bidding like a lap dog.

He warned however that posterity will judge them because there will come a day when the people of this country will decide that enough is enough and vote them out of power.

He mentioned that the creation of the CoPPP is not to divert the attention of the people from the real burning issues affecting the livelihood of the economy but to serve as a pressure that would articulate and press forward issues that are for the general good which the current SLPP government is neglecting.