SLPP National Women’s Leader Elect, madam Hawa Foray, has sent out her first message after winning the election.

Madam Hawa expressed her thanks and appreciation to all those who supported the course in diverse ways in winning that great position – National Women’s Leader of the Sierra Leone People’s Party.

She explained that they went into the contest as a party to observe due democratic process and at the end they all won as a party.

She stated that her office is open to all and sundry for the interest of the great SLPP and to improve on the future of women in the SLPP.

Madam Hawa Foray also expressed special thanks and appreciation to the entire membership of the party for the peaceful conduct of the re-run of our election, stating that the election was completely historic and it serves as a very good precedent for tge party as the SLPP is known to be the most peaceful political party in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Madam Foray called on her supporters to celebrate her victory within the confines of the law as they stand for unity and not division.