Information gathered from police attached to the Criminal Investigation Department(CID) revealed that CCTV footage from Shuman Hospital may exonerate Sky Bank Manager Ikubolaji Nicol.

The information revealed that CID went to Shuman hospital at Pultney Street in Central Freetown on Monday 17th October 2022 to investigate the issue of the alleged murder involving Ikubolaje Nicol.

The information gathered by the CID officers from the CCTV Footage and hospital management discredited earlier rumors reported in some local tabloids that the deceased Sinnah died in the house of the suspect hours before dawn.

The information From CID revealed that the CCTV Footage was played for them and it clearly showed that Bola Nicol took Sinnah to the hospital and she was alive.

That the CCTV showed that Sinnah was taken upstairs by the doctor and nurses and the doctor started treating her, noting that later the doctor was seen coming out of the ward where Sin ah was treated and informing Bola Nicol that Sinnah has passed away.

It is believed that the CID informed the family of the deceased that there is CCTV footage which showed that Sinnah was indeed taken to the hospital and the video shows that her pulse was confirmed before they made them enter.

Before then, the family was claiming that Sinnah had passed away in Bola Nicol’s house and that Bola never went to Shuman hospital with her but the CCTV revealed otherwise.

The officials of Shuman Hospital informed the police that it is a standard procedure at Shuman that if the patient is not alive when he or she is brought there they will not take him or her into the hospital and that is the reason they checked Sinnah’s pulse on arrival and the CCTV footage shows her being alive.

Meanwhile, the Legal Team of Bola Nicol is a ski g for a copy of the footage.