Housemate Salone season 3 the “Yagba season” has finally come to an end with Juliana Conteh aka Julie Tombo emerged the winner.

The show started with 22 contestants with different personalities.

Each week two housemates with the lowest votes were evicted from the house.

Six housemates made it to the final and spend eight weeks in the house.

Before the start of the show, the grand prize was twenty-five thousand Leones and a round trip to Dubai for the last standing couple.

Fortunately for the six finalists, a round trip to Dubai was granted to them.

It was announced on stage by John Conteh just after the winner received her prize and visa. This decision was a surprise to both the contestants and fans as such was not expected.

All six finalists were given their visas on stage.

These finalists includes Juliana Conteh aka Julie Tombo, Lolo Simion, Alice H Kanjia, Paul Mbayo, Almon Sall, and George Taylor.