Defence forwarded by Maada Bio’s Campaign Team is evidence that a wave of joy is felt within the Pa-O-pa (PAOPA IS THE NICKNAME OF BIO FACTION IN SLPP) because the main opposition lost most of the contested bye-elections seats, especially the WARD in Kenema. Sadly, this has evidently shown that the 2012 Presidential aspirant is the orchestrator of the disunity within the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party.

It was visible here, just as confirmed by Head of Maada Bio’ MEDIA Campaign Team: Yusif Keketuma Sandi that 11 declared candidates for the Presidential ticket of the main opposition rallied behind the confirmed candidates for the bye-elections of wards in Kailahun, Kenema and Bonthe and constituency 107 in the Western Area Urban Districts. With one voice, they all fought to revive the prestige and integrity of their party’s famous symbol of a Palm Tree popularly known as the TORGPOI.

Conspiracy loomed as the power conscious 2012 Presidential loser disagreed with the party executive over award of TORGPOI party symbols. Maada Bio’s Campaign Team confirmed that Bio endorsed ‘popular’ candidates (Pa o Pa supporters) who was not given symbols and as a result the party had to lost. This is why they are pilling blames on the Chairman and Leader and also the Secretary General of the party. This wave of mockery by the team at the face of party structures clearly show the damaging extent at which Maada Bio could be another Charles Margai if denied the next Presidential ticket.

What should be of great concern is the conspiracy set by Maada Bio and his Pa O Pa supporters against the party executive. Surely, despite his purported popularity the confused scenario in the party thus leave Mr Bio as a ‘wandering soldier’. It is impossible for him to be the Leader and Secretary General of the party. Specifically, with limitations binding on him in Clause 5,a of the SLPP constitution.

It is explicit that the SLPP lost their councilor sit in Kenema because a Pa O Pa candidate was not given. Mindful of the mushroomed changing tide, Mr Bio should have collaborated with others to support the Party’s candidate. Especially when he was on a national tour that had the greatest turnout in that very same Ward 034 neighborhood – during his last visit here in Sierra Leone.

Indications like this clearly points fingers that Maada Bio and his Pa O Pa supporters endorsed the Independent Candidate that won the sit. This is contravening the ideals of a political party and must be treated seriously. Maada Bio should not be allowed to become an outlaw.

The fact the 11 candidate supported the course of the party and Maada Bio being against them all show that Bio is the troublemaker in the opposition party. Thus, reducing the essence of it being called a Political Party but rather a dictatorial pressure group under leadership of just one man.