AlI things remaining the same, if elections were held today, President Bio will lose! were words of SLPP big guns and others who reminded all that the elections are literally just around the corner.

The presidential, parliamentary council and ward elections are all slated to start in just over 65 days or a year from June 2022. It stands to reason then that plans are already afoot in all political parties to get their campaign  engines warming up for the announcement of the official start of the campaign period, notwithstanding our knowledge of  unofficial Political campaign activities by politicians and their parties.

While this it is the right of all to prepare, if medium is to go by the views of the (30) randomly surveyed thirty respondents, then President Julius Maada Bio should be exit State House instead.

They were asked,  preparing to Instead “If elections were held today, will Bio win or lose?’ and if you chose “lose”, why would he lose? Out of the 30 respondents, 25 said Bio would lose if elections were held today, with 12 of the 25 being SLPP supporters among others. From their varied answers, the common reasons stated for Bio losing the elections turned out to be: failed campaign promises (6), corruption and financial leakages (5), neglect of the grassroots and party offices (5), disunity in SLPP (4), national and party constitutional breaches (3), lack of development activities and jobs (3), political violence in and out of party (2), and the First Lady’s activities (2).

In post survey discussions, respondents elaborated on their responses to the second question, If you chose “lose”, why would he lose?’ They said the 2018 SLPP Manifesto had so risen up their hopes that they were expecting a complete overhaul of every impediment to the country’s success and visible signs of progress in
lives and localities.

But four years down the line, they feel betrayed by President Bio for his failure to be able to point to any of his promises and say with confidence that he had accomplished it or them without anyone raising objection to their actual completion We had gotten used to Presidents Kabbah and Koroma’s styles of governance where we could measure progress in real time. For example how was President Koroma able to full his electricity promises with the same machines Bio is now saying are outdated and failing to perform?

I won’t say there was no corruption during Kabbah’s and Komma’s tenures but their activities didn’t seem to have adverse reactions or effects on the economy or people. For Bio’s failed promises he will lose the election if it was held today, we are experiencing the direct impact of their alleged corrupt practices, said Foday Kabia, Of all of Bio’s governance failures none is as glaring the perpetuation of corruption and corrupt practices leading to financial leakages which based on the 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Auditor General’s Reports, are not mere droplets in the ocean but the ocean itself. Bio and the SLPP’s promise to get rid of the country’s main governance woe of corruption have not turned out well.

By failing to start his corruption fight from his Report regime and instead focusing just on the officials from the previous regime, they said Bio encouraged the current culture of corruption and financial leakage that have come to embarrass him and the SLPP.