As the general public prepares to celebrate this festival season, the inspector of general police, Dr. Ambrose Michael Sovula, together with his Executive Management Board (ENB) and senior police officers in general, are preparing to Ensure that maximum security and protection of live and property is ensure.

Together with senior police officers like the head of CID aka RPG and several others, modalities are being put in place to ensure public like Beaches, Dance hall and the like, so the petty thieves and other criminals are kept at bay and arrested promptly if they decide to disturb peace-loving citizens from peacefully enjoying themselves.

The Future Media reports that, the crowd control arm f the SLP is in high spirit to ensure that it controls and marshal any large crowd of people that may decide to dance Masquerades or engage on other public activities.

Meanwhile, IG Sovula is warning all those who may want to disrupt the peace through their criminal and other anti-social activities, to beware, because the police will be out and about in full force to apprehend criminals and other ill motivated people, who are bent on disrupting the peace of law-abiding people during festive season.