On Thursday, July 6th, 2023, Mohamed Rahman Swarray, the Minister of Information and Communications, held the weekly government press briefing in the conference room of the Ministry of Information and Communications. Located on the 8th floor of the Youyi Building in Freetown, Minister Swarray urged citizens to wholeheartedly embrace the government’s FEED Salone project.

The Minister also resounded the readiness of President Bio and his administration’s concern to move tge country forward in competing with others positively, adding that President Bio was able to secure a landslide  first round victory during the June 24th, 2023 elections.

He said that the Bio led administration is now poised to make agriculture as its flagship programme during the second term, noting that the urge was to now feed Sierra Leone and it’s people. He said that there had been hundreds of congratulatory messages for the president, in and out of Sierra Leone, adding that such shows how much people value and appreciate the leadership of the country. He added that what was now of essence was for everyone to come on board and make Sierra Leone a better place.

He called on Sierra Leoneans to note that messages of divisiveness should have no place in the country’s politicking, stating that such was way President Bio had extended and stretched his arms to openly welcome all opposition forces to see that they also aid in the development of the country, adding that the President is ready to work with all meaningful Sierra Leoneans to push the country forward.

In his presentation, Professor Adams B. Steven from the United States of America asked series of questions about the validity of the supposed elections results that were released by the National Elections Watch (NEW). He said that the watch could have mad a mistake, stating that their released figures did not correspond with what actually happened and transpired in all polling stations across the country.

The revered Prof. therefore urged that NEW should come out clearly and explain to the general public how they were able to arrive at such conclusion that he considers, inaccurate. He added that as a citizen of Sierra Leone, he would be pleased to further engage NEW and its leadership to see that the right answers are provided to some of the critical questions that he had posed.

Professor Adams admonished all present he has been critical not as a politician, but as a respectable Sierra Leonean, adding that it is always prudent to get things done and right as was reported by Mohamed Sannoh – Strategic Communications Unit – MIC