The Cable Consortium of Liberia (CCL) has announced that critical repair work on the ACE Submarine Cable network on May 31st, 2025 will significantly impact internet connectivity in Freetown and surrounding regions.

The repair work, scheduled for May 31, 2024, will address an issue with the optical fiber cable between Dakar and Abidjan, specifically Segment 2.1 of the ACE Submarine Cable Network, which plays a vital role in connecting Liberia to the global internet infrastructure.

The maintenance window will begin at 00H01 UTC on May 31 and is expected to last for 10 hours, concluding at 10H00 UTC. During this period, all internet traffic transiting ACE Segment 2.1, including traffic from key cities such as Monrovia, Abidjan, Freetown, Conakry, and Banjul to Europe, will experience a complete outage. This interruption is anticipated to disrupt both individual and business internet usage across these regions.

Henry W. Benson, Chairman and CEO of CCL, emphasized the necessity of these repairs to ensure long-term stability and reliability of the network. “While we understand the inconvenience this may cause, the maintenance is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the network. Our technical teams are working diligently to minimize the downtime and restore services as swiftly as possible,” Benson stated.

The ACE (Africa Coast to Europe) Submarine Cable is a key component of Liberia’s internet infrastructure, providing essential connectivity to the outside world. This network segment links numerous West African countries to Europe, and any disruption can have widespread implications for internet-dependent services, including banking, communication, and business operations.

CCL has advised businesses and individuals to plan accordingly for the scheduled downtime. The consortium’s business office and technical staff will be available to address any questions or concerns related to this maintenance work.