Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara has condemned the unlawful attempt to remove the Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr from office based on political grounds.

According to Lawyer Koroma, the Mayor of Freetown is an elected official and cannot be removed by the Executive as that power belongs to the voters.

“The attempts to unlawfully remove Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr on political grounds, has increased the trust deficit. As Attorney-General then, opined, an “elected official” cannot be removed by the Executive. Power belongs to the electorate. Wrong then, and is wrong now!” Koroma stated.

Last week, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development released an inquiry report on the management of Freetown City Council. Their findings revealed several financial and administrative mismanagement within the FCC.


During the publication of the administrative inquiry report, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Tamba Lamina, ordered the Mayor’s Delivery Unit (MDU) at Freetown City Council (FCC) to be dissolved with immediate effect on the grounds that it is not legally seated in the Council.

“As a Ministry, having gone through the recommendations of the inquiry team, which stated that FCC had a toxic and acidic working environment, dysfunctional relationship, financial mismanagement and that the MDU is a parallel administration to the statutory administration, we have resolved to disband it from the Council,” Minister Tamba Lamina pronounced.

Lawyer Koroma and some members of the public have condemned the attempt to unlawfully remove the Mayor of Freetown from office.