Hononourable Alosious Ansumana of the Sierra Leone’s People Party (SLPP) has been announced Dead.

Ansumana aas born on 18th May 1958 in Pendembu Constituency 005 Kailahun District Eastern Region. Honourable Ansumana Aloysious is a Social Worker and has a general certificate in Agriculture.

Being a social worker and a good communicator in his Consistuency, his people make a call on him and supported him to be part of the politics in Sierra Leone. He became a member of parliament and represented his people in March 2018.He has being part of the legislative and oversight planning in the house of parliament and a vocal person for his Consistuency to help solve the felt needs in his Consistuency and the entire Kailahun and other districts in Sierra Leone.

He is a member of four Committees in the house of Parliament; Defence and Presidential Affairs Committee, Tourism Committee, Youth Affairs Committee and NaCSA/NGOs committee.

Honourable Ansumana Aloysious Bockarie has identified felt needs in his community such as Community Education, Health and Sanitation and Agriculture and he is making efforts to see that these needs are addressed.