According our sources, Housemate Salone season 3 reality TV show winner Julie Tombo will today be unveiled as Brand Ambassador for Dr. Imambay Disable International Foundation.

Juliana Doye Conteh has one of the most touching stories over the past years. She has been prejudiced and stigmatized by many. Many have called her all-sorts of names but she stood up as a strong woman and took care of her six children till date.

In the just concluded Housemate Salone show, she contested and represented single and neglected mothers without husbands to take care of their responsibilities. Her story among others touched the hearts of fans and she was crown champion.

With such a story and an influencer to many, Dr Imambay Kamara has chosen to sign an Ambassadorship deal with Julie Tombo.The event ceremony is scheduled at 2:30pm (USA time) in the United States of America (USA) for the official unveiling of Julie as the Brand Ambassador for Dr Imambay Kamara Disabled International Foundation.

Dr Imambay Kamara, is a global Humanitarian and disability rights activist, Founder and President of the Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone, and Founder and President of the Dr Imambay Kamara Global Humanitarian Foundation supporting vulnerable women and girls.

She was weeks ago awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the Global International Alliance University USA for her exemplary work in global humanitarism.

Not so long ago, Dr Imambay Kamara was awarded by President Joe Biden the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for her 20+ years of service in serving humanity.

On an interview Dr. Imambay Kamara  disclosed “First and foremost I want to honour the ALMIGHTY God for this wonderful opportunity. l am grateful and honoured to receive this International Recognition Bestowed upon me International Honorary Doctorate for my Global HUMANITARIANISM Work by The Global International Alliance University USA In Atlanta Georgia and amongst great leaders from the US army, celebrities, delegates, politicians and prominent leaders.”

Dr Imambay Kadie Kamara is the President and founder of Disabled International Foundation UK/Sierra Leone. She also doubles as the President and founder of Dr Imambay Kamara Global Foundation, providing supports to vulnerable women and girls. Dr Imambay is also the Chairperson of Ladies of All National International. Among other achievements and sacrifices of Dr Imambay are: a philanthropist, global ambassador for commonwealth, Disability Rights activist, women and children activist and a strong resistance to domestic VIOLENCE against women.