Prominent Housemate Contestant Juliana D Conteh popularly known to be called Julie Tombo has on yesterday 23rd May 2022 explained her true life story in the first day of the Housemates Salone Reality TV show to fellow contestants.

When Big brother of the house asked contestants to get acquaintance of each other, they were introducing their personality to fellow contestants in turns. Among them was the yagba Diva, Julie Tombo who explained her true life story, how she had gone through thick and thin struggles to make ends meet for herself and her six children.

Julian Doye Conteh aka Julie Tombo is a proud mother of six children. She has had several blunders and maltreatment and abuses from her husbands that she has children with. She has been a victim of circumstance over lack of fathers taking care of their responsibilities for their child and leaving everything in the hands of hers.

While explaining her story, Julie Tombo said she moved to the United States at the age of 11 years where she grew up. According to Julie, despite being the US, life has been difficult for her. She added that she is a proud and surviving mother of six children. “I am a victim of abuse; I am a victim of life challenges…” she stated.

She continued saying though people expectations were that everything about her is bright and beautiful, but she proudly explained that she had her life challenges to the extent that she slept in cars. Julie who is confident to win the housemates show added that, she came into the show to use it as a platform to bring change and inspire others that are going through what she is going through. This she believed that, there are people who think because of circumstances, they should hide their children and not be proud about them. She wants to the Housemates show to make a change in those mindsets from fellow women facing the same thing.

“I am victim of teenage pregnancy; I was fifteen years old when I got pregnant….” Julie furthered. Julie added that she wants to use housemate show to bring awareness to stigmatization which she had experience on because she is a victim.

On her concluding statement, she affirmed that the housemate show is hers because she is positive and added that the show is a platform for her to raise awareness to parents on the importance of child counselling about teenage pregnancy and birth control.