Few months after his appointment as Special Envoy for Entertainment and Investment, Kao Denero has highlighted issues that he will embark on to move the Entertainment Industry forward.

As the most experienced and valued musician in the Industry with the most hit albums and successful shows, he has been using his expertise to achieve his goal.

On a transit in Nairobi, Kenya to Dubai for his first performance, the Ambassador hint the people of Sierra Leone the new opportunity Entertainment will be having on his Facebook page.

“Had a progressive day in Nairobi Kenya
Lovely city
Sierra leone something huge is on the fence
It’s time for us to showcase the young acts who has great potential to go global.
If we have to choose from a list of top five new acts for one to be selected,who will those five artist be and make sure you choose your best artist who you believe will make us proud internationally.
The winner will be presented to a huge platform in Africa and the world.
Preparations are on”.

Based on social media reactions after the appointment of Kao Denero as the Special Envoy for Entertainment and Investment, Sierraloaded gathered that many music lovers were saying Kao Denero will not be work for the interest of his colleague musicians and young acts. He was described as self-centered person.

After making this announcement, a lot of people have complimented him for giving the opportunity to another musician especially the mentioning of young acts on his post. As one of the best rappers in the industry, he would have just selected himself to represent Sierra Leone on that huge platform – says a fan. According to the fan, even though Kao Denero is the most suitable person to represent Sierra Leone as he has already breakthrough in Africa, he did not select himself.

On his video while in Dubai for his show, Kao Denero said that the organizers asked him to select. He said he would have done that but he wants to give the chance to the public to select five musicians either a rapper or singer and the board will select the particular person that will be representing Sierra Leone. He did not mention the name of the platform as it is left secret until the selection is done.

A comment made by a fan on his post pleading to Kao Denero to consider the Movie Industry. He asked him to find the same opportunities he is finding for the Music Industry. With a polite reply from Kao Denero, he said that this opportunity is only for artist. As time goes on, there will opportunity for the Movie Industry as well.

On his comment section, fans have been mentioning musicians like Drizilik, Medee T, Rozzy, Fantacee Wiz, Alonzo, Natsha Beckley, K-Rhyme, LM Last Mayor, AG Rhymes, Zainnie, Speedo, Morris, etc. to represent Sierra Leone but it is unclear if the selection will be done on Facebook.