Ambassador Kao Denero joined Sierra Leonean politicians, entertainers, footballers and others in sending an Independence Day celebration message to Sierra Leoneans as the country clock 61 years since it gained it Independence on 27th April, 1961.

In his message, Ambassador Kao started by dropping a freestyle from his hit single ‘I Pledge’. He went ahead and wished Sierra Leoneans happy Independence Day celebration. “I just want to take this precious time and wish every Sierra Leonean out there a happy Independence Day celebration.”

He encouraged Sierra Leoneans to love their country and revealed the action they should take that can show for it. He advised them to embrace each other beyond political borders, celebrate and support each other and be patriotic. “Don’t just say you love Mama Salone, show it by your actions by loving it, embracing one another beyond political lines, let’s celebrate and support each other, let’s be patriotic.” Ambassador Kao stated added that, unity always bring strength and oneness is the key. “Oneness is the key, unity is strength. Ambassador Kao Denero is wishing his homeland a happy Independence celebration.

As an Ambassador of Entertainment and Investment, he called on Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora to come back home to invest and build their country. “To all the Sierra Leoneans all around the world, wherever you are; Europe, North America, South America, Africa, of course Australia, let’s hold it down, let invest back home, let build our country.”

He admonished those that stay in Sierra Leone to stop hating and pulling down each other. He projected Sierra Leone to be the Heaven of Africa if they try to embrace and support each other. “The ones back home, please let’s stop the black mind and stop hating each other, let’s stop to pull each other down. Let’s try to support and embrace each other and our country will be a blessed place, it will be the heaven of Africa. One love, peace. Ambassador Kao Denero.” He concluded.