Award winning rapper and Ambassador of Entertainment, Kao Denero, has cleared the air on rumours going around about his lifestyle and music career in connection to his ambassadorial position.

On his Facebook video, he made it clear that, he has been in the game of shooting videos way back before being appointed as the Ambassador of Entertainment Industry, and that he is a professor when it comes to entertainment.

He reminded fans of himself being an artiste, and that the Ambassador appointment is just an attachment for his sacrifices in the entertainment industry. He added that it doesn’t make sense people thinking that, because he is an ambassador, he should not sing songs again, shoot videos or do his normal games he has been doing before being an Ambassador.

With people having these thoughts, the Ambassador said, Fans sometimes give him the creeps of releasing his albums.

On his concluding statement, the rapper stressed on himself being an artiste first before the ambassadorial position, and added that, fans know him as a result of music, and added that he got to satisfy and pleased them. He finally dedicated the upcoming album to his loyal fans and homies, “…and that is why the Amara EP is coming out” he said.