As the drama between Boss La and Rap Gee continues, Ambassador Kao Denero sent shot at Boss La.

After Rap Gee made it public that for the past 8 months, he has been asking Boss La to remove his verse from the controversial song “Complain” but Boss La refused. The song which was released on 13th May, has been trending as it talks about the constraints people are going through in Sierra Leone.

On a Facebook live, Rap Gee expressed dissatisfaction on the action of Boss La for not removing his verse from the song. The singer described Boss La as a selfish person. He made lot of allegations against the rapper on his Facebook live.

Based on the issues Rap Gee lamented on his Facebook live about Boss La using his verse without his consent, Ambassador Kao Denero planned to have a policy that will protect young artists from being extorted by old artists. His post was seen as a response to the issue between Boss La and Rap Gee. He wrote;

A good policy to be included in our entertainment general policy is how to protect all artist not to be taken advantage of.
There should be consequences of any extortion,if an artist refuse to be part of any work without being paid for it no one has the right to exploit such artist.
The young performers needs to be protected”.

To respond to Rap Gee, Boss La came live on Facebook and denied all the allegations the singer said against him. The rapper said Rap Gee never told him to remove his verse from the song. According to him, if Rap Gee would have told him to remove his verse from the song, he would have done that. The rapper continues saying that he was with Rap Gee for over three days in his hotel room providing all his basic needs for him. Before releasing the song, he said he called them and seek their consent and they accepted to release the song. According to him, Rap Gee has been given the wrong advice by Base Aphonyx and Kao Denero to fabricate issues about the song. He called Kao Denero a fool. He continues saying that, Kao Denero does not know anything except to go Facebook and post. The rapper said he knew Kao Denero is watching his Facebook live and will make a post on Facebook about it.

With no surprise, Ambassador Kao Denero made a post on Facebook believed to be a shot at Boss La.

Shout out to all the real homeboys who still made a great living in life even after being deported.
Dont ever let a bad situation define your character by making you trying to cover the reality with lies and fabricated stories.
There is still hope after the (one way ticket )
Have a bless day.” He wrote.