The Chief Administrator of Kenema District Council Ahmed Shekuba Koroma has condemned Jagaban’s illegal action of demolishing council’s facility in Blama Town in Small Bo chiefdom.

This was made clear in an engagement with the Paramount Chief, P.C. Darfie Benya and other stakeholders of Small Bo chiefdom. He told the stakeholders of Blama town that council with support from central government has always been responsive to the service delivery demands of the people of small Bo Chiefdom and the district at large, adding that, in receipt of a video circulating over social media of an attempt by one Jagaban ( Politician)  to demolish and reconstruct the community centre in Blama town without the prior notice and consent of Kenema District Council administration is not called for.

The Chief Administrator maintained that, the council is not against anyone expressing interest in complementing the council’s effort in terms of service delivery but must be done within the framework of the law, which was a contrary.

He furthered by highlighting some of the strategic developments interventions of government through the council in small Bo Chiefdom ranging from the maintenance of 93.2 km road, construction of 32 culverts,7 bridges, rehabilitation of six schools, construction of recreational Centre, modern market with WASH facilities and funeral home at Bandama all in the small Bo chiefdom Kenema district, informing the Paramount Chief, P.C Darfie Benya and stakeholders that the small Bo chiefdom has through council benefitted immensely from the central government because of good collaboration between the stakeholders of small Bo chiefdom and council.

He added that, they are also in thorough  construction of a makeshift bridge linking St.Joseph Secondary school and central town that had claimed the lives of many especially school going kids, adding that, after regular engagement with the former Minister of Finance Mr.Jacob Jusu Saffa by the leadership of Kenema District Council and Hon. Musa Moigua, the government provided funds for the construction of a bridge and two strategic twin culverts at the central of Blama town.

He  pointed out that the illegal attempt by Jagaban to demolish council’s facilities without prior notice or approval to do same is in breach of Sections 23 and 24 of the local government Act 2022 and urged Jagaban to liaise with council in a bid to review the structural design and bills of quantities for quality assurance, as he appealed to P.C Darfie Benya and other land owing families to commence the identification of land for the construction of council’s administrative building and staff quarters in Blama town.

In his response, the Paramount chief of Small Bo chiefdom P.C Darfie Benya confirmed that attempts have been made by one Jagaban to reconstruct the community centre in question but assured the Chief Administrator that effective immediately, work on the community centre will be put on hold to ascertain the architectural design and quality of work.

P.C. Darfie Benya described the approach as laudable that will promote the local economy of the chiefdom and creates more jobs for the youths.