A significant shake-up has occured at one of sierra Leone’s most popular radio station,ย  (Radio Democracy 98.1 FM) as seasoned broadcaster Asmaa James has revealed her decision to bid farewell to the station after an impressive 22 years of dedicated service.

The departure of James has sparked a series of resignations, including two senior female journalists, Mabel Kabba, Deputy Station Manager, and Kadijah Bangura, former Head of News.

The announcement of Asmaa James’ departure was followed by the tendering of official resignation letters from Mabel Kabba and Kadijah Bangura, both prominent figures within the media house. Their collective exits mark a significant loss to the station’s management and operations.

Additionally, SierraEyeSalone, a reputable media magazine, also reported that four top management staff, including Asmaa James, Khadija Bangura, Mabel Kabba, and Alex Lawrence Koroma, will also be parting ways with Radio Democracy 98.1 FM.

Khadijah Bangura, in a farewell message, expressed that the choice was not made lightly. She explained that she had reached a point where she felt the need to explore new challenges and opportunities outside the confines of the station. Similarly, Mabel Kabba confirmed that her decision to resign was influenced by a desire to seek fresh challenges, which played a crucial role in her contemplation.

Mabel Kabba, who spent a decade at 98.1 and held the role of Deputy Station Manager, also released a statement expressing her gratitude to the institution for the opportunity to serve. She emphasized her commitment to upholding principles of fairness, honesty, objectivity, and reverence for God

The departure of these esteemed staff members is anticipated to have a significant impact on the management and daily operations of Radio Democracy 98.1 FM, a media house revered as the voice of the people. With their vast experience and expertise, their presence will be sorely missed.