School pupils in the Eastern Kono District Headquarters City of Koidu have applauded the West African Youngest Mayor, His Warship Komba Sam for keeping the Free Education (Government) School Buses services up and running throughout the academic Years since they were allocated to him by the Central Government almost two years ago.
According to Yataafarma Communications Unit (YCU), the two School Busses were handed over to this most development oriented Mayor in the history of Koidu on September, 13th 2019, by the then Minister of Technical and Higher Education, Prof. Aiah Gbakima at the Koidu City Hall, to ameliorate the high transportation costs on pupils and parents within the City of Koidu.
As the management of the buss services were wholly and solely placed in the hands of Mayors (for City Council) and Chairmen (for District Council), Mayor Sam used his development initiative as usual and approached Koidu Limited, the biggest Kimberlite Diamond Miner in the country to help provide fuel for the smooth running of the Government School Buses while at the same time, income earn from the transport fare from the pupils will be used to pay the drivers of the busses.
Being a felt need, the multi-million dollar Diamond Miner in the District approved his public-spirited request and started supporting the two buses with fuel to ferry pupils from their various locations to schools and back.
 Yataafarma Communications Unit (YCU) disclose that, pupils from the Koidu Secondary School (KSS) and the Islamic Secondary school (ISSK) who were boarding one of the two buses applauded and thanked Mayor Komba Sam for keeping the bus services up and running throughout since 2019 that has eased the high transportation cost on them. They said the uninterrupted services of transportation have reduced drastically road transport accident from Motor Bikes during the rush hours of schools, describing the bus transport system “as safe and secure as compare to that of the motor bike which means of transportation is maned by high rate of risk.”
It is reported that some Districts across the country have not been able to effectively manage the services of the School buses due to poor management system.