The CEO of Lake Production, Alhaji K. Tarawally popularly known as Laj-K has assured his support to Rap Gee and Kays The Threatson for a collaboration to remix one of the hit songs for Kays, ‘I Don’t Wanna’.

The TV Personality made the statement on the comment section of Rap Gee’s post where he shared the video of the singer taking the minds of Sierra Leoneans to the song. Rap Gee called for the remix of the song with Kays and stated that the song is his favourite.

The CEO and entrepreneur commended the son and also labelled it as his favourite. He assured his support for the remix of the song with a studio fee. He added that, the singer, Kays deserves a second chance as he quitted music for the past years. He promised to support his talent so that he can revive again.


“This song is also one of my favorite all time Sierra Leonean love songs. I will give my 100% support to the remix of this song with a studio fee with you and Kays

Kays Thethreatson deserves a second chance in music. I’m thinking about giving him that opportunity with whatever little support I can give though I’m not a label executive but I can guide him through his revitalization. He is very talented. His voice is unmatched ✌🏼”. He commented.

‘I Don’t Wanna’ is one of the hit songs in Sierra Leone from Kays The Threatson in 2008 and 2009. It brought recognition to the singer that made him tour nationwide. Kays was rated as one of the best singers in Sierra Leone. However, he has not been heard for a while. To revive his music, Laj-K assured his 100% to the singer with studio fee.