Landowners in Makong, Simbeck, and Manuri Sections in the Makale Kunike Barima Chiefdom Tonkolili District have expressed dissatisfaction over the manner in which their Paramount Chief PC Alhaji Alimamy Sorie ll has secretly leased Two Hundred and Forty-Seven acres of land to HANKOG MINING Company.

The Landowners noted that apart from the massive deforestation and land unfit for farming, their major river is been polluted by gold miners that are using heavy machines in the forests and hydraulic technology to scourge the riverbeds in search of gold, diamond and possibly other minerals.

The report furthered that Paramount Chief Alhaji Alimamy Sorie II is using political influence to take their ancestral land without going through the correct and legal channels.

Speaking to some landowners and other stakeholders, they noted that the Paramount Chief went ahead to sign documents with a Chinese Company called HANKONG Mining Company.

โ€œWhen we tried to protest against this inhuman act, we were threatened with OSD personnel, said Landowner, Musa Kamara.

In tears, their lands have been taken away from them and the rivers are polluted, not to mention the effects of climate change in their environment.

Musa Kamara noted that the rate of deforestation and river pollution by some foreign mining companies in the country is very alarming and if not addressed now by the government, most rural areas will begin to experience drought and famine very soon.

When HANKOG Manager, Wurie Jalloh was contacted through phone on the issue, he declined to comment.

The Paramount Chief was also contacted through text messages but refused to pick his calls and respond to the allegations.