Makeni Fuel Stations Take to Rotational Selling as Petrol Stocks Run Low

In the last 72 hours until now there is an alarming scarcity of mostly petrol in the municipality of Makeni and its environs.

The situation erupted after fuel stations in the northern region city and its environs took to rotational selling of Petrol to the public in fact-a good number of them have stopped selling.

Since Sunday evening when many fuel stations took to the rotational selling of gas, there has been a frantic chasing and hustling among motorbike riders, drivers and other persons in the area for the widely used commodity.

Notable gas station in Tonkolili District, except for those in Magburaka town, have all stopped selling Petrol to the public with visible tapes crossed to barricade their gas station premises.

Some fuel attendants have told journalist that, “they have taken to rotational selling because they have run out of fuel supply and the are not sure of buying new stock soon.

Others say, ” there is no available stocks to purchase from their suppliers”

The present scarcity of fuel especially petrol in the Municipality and its environs has been described by some residents of the city as an ‘”artificial scarcity created by the gas station owners marketers(jebu) who now sells a liter of petrol at exorbitant prices ranging from Le 18, 000 to the Le 20,000 depending on areas they are selling now



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