Sierra Leone opposition party, All People’s Congress (APC) will be hosting its emergency National Delegates Conference in the party’s strongholds in Port Loko and Makeni.

A member of the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) Communication Team, Mohamed Pope Kamara has said that the party is expected to hold its forthcoming emergency National Delegates Conference to adopt its new draft Constitution at the party’s new hall in Makeni city.

He made the disclosure to this press recently after concluding visits to several districts across the country to ascertain safe and protected areas for such a big event.

Mohamed Pope Kamara said that the fact-finding visit was to see which township is able to hold such event. He said he looked at the number of rooms available, the amount of security personnel and also the number of recreational facilities and restaurants available to hold up to one thousand delegates and supporters of the APC for the three days event. Makeni, he said, was identified as the most suitable place to host the event, following which a final decision will be reached by the party hierarchy and the 21-Man Technical Planning Committee set up for the event.

Mohamed Pope Kamara continued that after that convention, the party is expected to be in Port Loko for another convention to elect its national executive officers, followed by the final convention to elect the party’s 2023 flagbrearer which is expected to take place in Makeni.

He however noted that this is not the final decision, but the party big guns will look into the report and made their final selection.