Ex housemates Osman Bundu popularly known as Mamie Thomas has disclosed that he is officially in love with fellow housemates Lolo Simeon known as Lolo.

Osman Bundu (Mamie Thomas) has on the popular fan zone tv show hosted by Hurrai Bangura on Ayv disclosed that fellow housemates Lolo Simeon is officially his girlfriend and that he do miss her after he was evicted.

Mamie Thomas and Lolo has being very close during his time in the house and he also was close with Juliana Conteh at the start of the show. But he get drifted and completely concentrate to the direction of Lolo Simeon.

Mamie Thomas also disclosed during the show that Julie was his closest person before they entered the house. But after Julie get attracted to Nohmi he had to find someone also to lean on, and that was how he get attracted to Lolo

Fans awaits to see the outcome, if Lolo will reciprocate osman’s intentions or will it be just another housemates love drama