Manoj Kumar, an Indian national, has found himself in Sierra Leone seeking to salvage his tarnished reputation after being allegedly involved in a series of crimes against the state and his fellow countrymen in Liberia, a West African nation.

Standard-Times Newspaper reports that Concerns are now mounting as the government of Sierra Leone is being urged to closely monitor Kumar, who is allegedly sending inciting messages to the neighboring country. If not addressed promptly, this situation could jeopardize the fragile peace between the two nations.

The Liberian media, particularly Front Page Africa, reported that the Ministry of Justice in Liberia had labeled Kumar as an undesirable alien and a threat to national security.

The Civil Law Court in Monrovia revealed that Kumar had fled the country and evaded immigration authorities when he was about to be indicted. The specific nature of his crimes in Liberia remains unclear.

The Ministry of Justice further revealed that Kumar had used multiple aliases, including Manoj Kumar Vastwani and Haresh Kumar, and had provided false and misleading information under oath.

The Ministry declared his behavior incompatible with his status as an alien, leading to the cancellation of his re-entry visa. The government possesses the legal authority to revoke, cancel, and deny visas to aliens under the relevant statute.

Before the government’s assertions, Kumar is said to had filed a petition for declarative judgment with Judge J. Kennedy Peabody of the Civil Law Court in Monrovia.

In the petition, he is said to have claimed to be a resident of Liberia and disclosed that he had lived in the country with his family for 21 years. Kumar contended that upon returning to Liberia on September 14, 2021, he was denied entry at the Roberts International Airport and subsequently deported to India.

He firmly asserted his innocence and pleaded for clarification regarding any alleged crime, stating that he should not be treated as a common criminal.

Nevertheless, Judge Peabody of the Civil Law Court denied Kumar’s request for re-entry, citing his status as an alien and his perceived threat to national security. Despite Kumar’s subsequent petition against the government’s decision, it was largely regarded as an exercise in futility.

The court’s final judgment document acknowledged the complexity of the case but emphasized the necessity of upholding the law and safeguarding the nation’s democracy. Ongoing investigations into the matter are underway.