Thomas Bandabla Baio, the mayor elect in the just concluded June 24th elections for Kenema city council has reported to the police division in Kenema city of an attack by unknown individuals at his residence on the 2nd July, 2023.

The mayor noted that, the attack took place at 41 Fagbelalo Street at around 1:40am, adding that, stones and other missiles were thrown in his compound causing damages to his vehicle and other materials within.

It was also reported that, the attackers at the call of the attention of the public used motorbikes to scat away after being chased by one of the vehicles of the mayor but could not have any of them at the moment.

Mayor Baio disclosed that, this was not the first attack at his residence and called on the police to take proactive measure to have the issue resolved for any further reoccurrence. He also called on all citizens to maintain peace as the country is not at war or any major threat, as was reported by Saffa B. Moriba in Kenema city.