The Ministry of Basic and Senior Education has encouraged school-going pupils to do NCRA Registration or Verification across the country.

The leadership of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MBSSE) would like to draw the attention of heads of Schools, Teachers, Parents/Guardians and Pupils in all schools across the country to the ongoing exercise of registration and reverification of citizens and non-citizens of Sierra Leone by National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA).

This is a very important national exercise into which every citizen and non-citizen of Sierra Leone is required to participate so that a National Identification Number (NIN) could be generated for all citizens and non-citizens alike.

In view of this, the MBSSE would like to ask Heads of Schools, Teachers, Pupils and Parents to ensure that all pupils in all schools in this country are either registered or reverified by the NCRA.

By way of ensuring that all pupils in our schools receive equitable and quality education services, the MBSSE will make the presentation of the NCRA Registration Slip by all pupils during the period of school enrolment, as a pre-condition for enrolment into any of our schools in the in the country starting September 2022.

The unique NIN will also be required for the registration of students for all national transition examinations including the NPSE, BECE, WASSCE.

Heads of Schools, Teachers, Pupils and Parents are therefore required to make every effort to get their pupils registered and/or reverified by the NCRA and obtain the registration slip with the NIN.

We thank you very much as we look forward to your cooperation in this very important national issue.