The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) Conrad Sackey has announced the creation of a Website to get easy access to the Educational System in the country.

According to them, the website will host resources on education for everyone with an interest in Sierra Leone’s basic and senior secondary education system which may also serve as a way to bring the activities and other relevant issues of the ministry’s operations to the people.

They noted that, It includes valuable information for people working in schools, such as teachers, headteachers and school leaders, as well as for education and government officials that will have a vast range of helpful materials for secondary education.

It may contain lesson plans, guides, syllabi and toolkits that will be of great importance as well as a reference points for educational developers and educators in and out of the country, adding that, although it is not aimed at pupils, learners and the wider community are welcome to visit the platform where they can find and download for free a great range of resources such as the episodes of the Girls’ and Boys’ Club, Pupil Handbooks and information on the new Senior Secondary School Curriculum.

See video below: